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The Parish Pastoral Council advises the Pastor and staff about matters relating to the broad, strategic goals of the Church. They gather together the Mission of the Church, the Archdiocesan Goals and the Pastor’s vision into a consensus of parish planning through the establishment of Parish Goals, an annual budget and Commission objectives. The PPC sees that these Goals, Budget and Objectives are implemented by the parish staff, commissions, committees, all parish organizations and reviewed annually.

The Parish Finance Council (PFC) serves as a consultative body to the pastor in the administration of parish finances, budget, parish facilities and long-range financial development. The pastor appoints members of the finance council based on their expertise in the areas of finance, civil law, accounting, property management, budgeting, and personnel management. Usually the finance council consists of three to nine members.

The day-to-day work of the parish is carried out by the staff, the Commissions and their sub-groups. Every group in the parish falls under a Commission. The job of each Commission is to guide and advise the leaders of their subgroups, to provide information to the Parish Pastoral Council about the status and activities of each group, and to assist each group in obtaining resources and assistance, as needed.

At St. Thomas a'Becket, we have four Commissions, as well as two standing Committees. They are:

Christian Service Commission: The Christian Service Commission facilitates a response to Catholic social teaching through direct services both within the parish and beyond. They strive to create and maintain programs that address human needs and achieve social justice. The groups within the Christian Service Commission are many and varied, and include social groups, groups striving for peace, justice and respect for life, Disability Concerns, as well as those that assist the grieving, homebound, hospitalized or those in need.

Faith Formation Commission: The Faith Formation Commission is responsible for developing, promoting, and evaluating programs to support the educational needs of parishioners of all ages within the Parish. It does so by establishing annual objectives and educational programs in cooperation with Archdiocesan and Parish staffs and volunteers, the Pastor, the Parish Pastoral Council and other Parish Commissions. These areas include but are not limited to: Adult Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Bible Studies, RCIA, Church History, the Parish Religious Education Program, our regional school (All Saints), and Marriage Preparation.

Stewardship Commission: The Stewardship Commission is responsible for the wise use of our resources. Sub-committees include Finance, Information Technology, Communications, Building and Maintenance, and Personnel. Members help to compile the annual parish budget, implement new technical programs and manage computer resources, produce brochures and other print information, update the monitors in the Welcoming Area, maintain the church website, and work to improve the look of the church and grounds.

Worship Commission: The Worship Commission promotes and strengthens the program of continuing liturgical renewal, serving the parish in the areas of liturgy and ecumenism. The Worship Commission also promotes and provides education, planning, and evaluation. It is involved with liturgical celebrations and is the liaison for relations with other Christian and non-Christian churches and religious bodies. The main areas of ministry involve Music, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Sacristans, Ministry in Motion Altar Servers, Decoration and Church Environment, and studying various documents, books, and magazines on worship.

Evangelization Committee

Disability Concerns Committee

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To contact the Parish Council, please email or leave a note in the Parish Office.

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