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Parishioners find themselves in any number of situations in which they may benefit from the support of our Pastoral Ministries staff. Our Pastoral Staff:

  • Counsels parishioners and others regarding questions about faith, doctrine, explanation of Catholic beliefs or practices;
  • Responds to requests for sacraments, including Anointing of the Sick, Reconciliation, or homebound distribution of Communion;
  • Counsels individuals, couples, or families;
  • Provides information and support to those who have experienced a traumatic change (e.g., job loss, nursing home search, divorce, illness, etc.);
  • Arranges assistance for those who are ill, hospitalized, or dying;
  • Assists families in planning funerals and provides compassionate support to those who are grieving;
  • Prepares children and adults who will be receiving sacraments;
  • Prepares engaged couples for the Sacrament of Matrimony;
  • Supports new parents and new parishioners and helping them to find connections within the faith community;
  • Assists parish leaders and volunteers in finding appropriate Church resources and planning meetings and events;
  • Counsels parish leaders and volunteers.

If you need the support of our Pastoral Ministries team, please do not hesitate to contact them. The menu on the left will introduce you to the members of our Pastoral Team and will help you to identify the staff member that may be most helpful to you.

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You may contact the Pastoral Team by phone at (734) 981-1333:
Fr. Chris Maus, x12
Debbie Miller, x16
Deacon Jim Ward

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